Does cosmetic mean makeup?

Does cosmetic mean makeup?


If you're like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about cosmetics. I'm not talking about the ones applied to your face, but rather the way people use the word "cosmetic." It's a word that gets thrown around so often (especially by marketers) that it's hard to know what it means. So, let's clear up some confusion.



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Cosmetic is a noun. It means makeup, nail polish, and lotion. Cosmetics is often synonymous with makeup and nail polish.

Cosmetics are products used to improve skin or hair's appearance by adding color or texture. The word cosmetic comes from Greek words meaning "to prepare." Cosmetics have been around since ancient times when Egyptians used special powders to keep their skin looking smooth and youthful.



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The simple answer is that it depends on what you mean by "cosmetic" and "makeup."

Cosmetics are products that alter the look and make better skin and hair. They're meant to make you look better (or younger). The most commonly-used cosmetics include:

  • Foundation: A cream, liquid, or powder product covering blemishes and uneven skin tones.
  • Concealer: A product similar to the foundation but designed for covering blemishes.
  • Blush: A powder or cream product applied to the cheeks to add color and highlight features such as cheekbones, dimples, etc., while also making you look more awake.
  • Eye shadow: Powders or creams applied near eyelashes or brows; often comes in colors meant to complement your eye color (brown eyes wear brown shadows). It May also come in other colors like green or grey if you want something less traditional).

Nail Polish


Nail polish is one of the most popular cosmetics for nails. You apply a liquid or cream to your nails to change their color.

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Nail polish comes in many colors and can be used on natural and artificial nails. When applied, it creates a protective barrier preventing the nail from drying out or becoming damaged while making it more resistant to chipping and peeling. In addition, the pigments in nail polish provide coverage for any discoloration or imperfections that have occurred over time with regular manicures or pedicures, as well as covering up any stains left behind on your fingers after washing dishes, at home, etc.


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The lotion is a skin care product that is applied to the skin. It can be used to moisturize and protect the skin and treat dry skin or acne. In some cases, lotion can also be used to treat eczema; most lotions are fragrance-free.

Lotions are available over-the-counter (OTC) at drug stores and grocery stores. Still, prescription lotions are available from your doctor if you have severe cases of dry skin or eczema that cannot be treated with OTC products.

Cosmetic means makeup, nail polish, and lotion.

Cosmetic means makeup, nail polish, and lotion. Cosmetic is not a synonym for makeup. Cosmetic is not a synonym for nail polish. Cosmetic is not a synonym for lotion.

Cosmetic refers to any product that goes on the face or body to beautify it in some way—including face cream (not just moisturizer). This word can also be used about items such as perfume or soap used as part of grooming routines but doesn't necessarily go on the face or body: "She always smelled nice thanks to her favorite cosmetic brand."


In conclusion, cosmetics are all about the way we look and feel. We can use them to boost ourselves on a bad day or make ourselves more confident in social situations. This is why they're such an important part of our lives!

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