Carotis Brightening Cream 50g
Carotis Brightening Cream 50g Moisturizes and nourishes skin while evening out skin tone, restoring clarity and radiance. Softens and smoothes skin. Directions: Apply a thin layer of hydrating Brightening Cream to clean, dry skin, preferably at night. Recommendation: To avoid further pigmentation, always follow up...
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Carotis Brightening Gel 30g
Carotis Brightening Gel 30g Light, refreshing texture absorbs quickly, evening out skin tone. Vitamin A softens and smootes texture of skin as it promotes a luminous complexion, leaving skin looking healthy and youthful. Directions: Apply a thin layer of Brightening Gel to clean,...
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Carotis Brightening Serum 30ml
Carotis Brightening Serum 30ml Even out skin tone, reducing skin discoloration. Absorbs and dries quickly. Directions: Apply to cleansed dry skin, preferably at night. Let dry. Recommendation: To avoid further pigmentation, follow up with our Skin Protect SPF 50 Sunscreen every morning to maintain even skin tone....
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