Glysolid Skin and Hand Cream 125ml
Glysolid Skin and Hand Cream 125ml GLYSOLID SKIN AND HAND CREAM with Glycerin and Allantoin is designed to treat sensitive, stressed and damaged skin. The Glycerin used in Glysolid is vegetable based. Promoting wrinkle free skin and hands nourished with natural moisture,...
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Glysolid Skin Cream Tube 100ml
Glysolid Skin Cream Tube 100ml Glysolid tube Glycerin Skin Cream is designed to moisturize sensitive and damaged skin. Formulated with Glycerin and Allantoin to heal and protect dry skin. Contains no mineral oil or petroleum substitutes.  Treat and protect sensitive...
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Glysolid Body Lotion 500ml
Glysolid Body Lotion 500ml Intensive care for dry and normal skin. Glysolid Body Lotion Classic softly moisturises your skin, making it smooth and supple. High - quality chamomile oil reduces inflammation and promotes healing of bruises, cuts and burns. This...
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Glysolid Glycerin Soap 125g
Glysolid Glycerin Soap 125g An ideal soap for normal skin, Glysolid Glycerin Soap has a high glycerol content and consists almost exclusively of nature substances. It does not cause any irritation or allergies because it does not contain any artificial...
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